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The Möbius strip

Synopsis : Who is this guy sitting on the couch of the heroine ? Why does he punch her in the face ? But above all why does the story keep on starting over and over ?


Screenplay: Edouard Blondeau

Direction : Edouard Blondeau

Cinematography : Trisan Chenais

Music : Vincent Bréant


Cast : Charlotte Normand, Edouard Blondeau, Francisco E Cunha, Erwan Orain


Program : Institut of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Venice, program "Cinema e Matematica"


Awards et selections :

  • Audience award "Fenêtres sur courts", Châtillon

  • Selection "Mars attaque le court", Saint-Mars-la-Jaille

  • Selection "Armoricourt", Plestin-lès-Grèves

  • Selection "Festival Prototype", Paris

  • Selection "Berry Movies", La Châtre

  • Selection "Rencontre international El Sur", Paris

  • Selection "Matematica e Cultura", Venise


Duration : 9'28

Format : 16:9




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